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Laboratory Stove Boiler In Myanmar

§ 28-101.5 Definitions.

1. Replacement of oil-burning boilers or water heater with heat input of 1 million Btu/h (293 kW) or less. 2. Replacement of oil burners with heat input of 2.8 million Btu/h (821 kW) or less. 3. Relocation of an oil burner or oil-burning boiler or water heater within the same, unaltered fire-rated enclosure or room. 4.

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Warranty Registration | Crown Royal Stoves

Purchaser must use Crown Royal Stove's approved Control Chemical treatment and mail water samples to our third party testing facility within 30 days of purchase. Warranty is void if our chemical is not used and the boiler water is not tested at least annually. You will get notification of test results by email (if listed) or mail within 30 days.

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