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Ink Review #197: Birmingham Pennsylvania Railroad Boiler Steam …

11/1/2021 · Birmingham Pen Company currently offers three lines of ink: Traditional, Everlasting, and Twinkle inks. Traditional inks (starting at $9 for a 30ml) are classic water soluble fountain pen inks. Everlasting inks (prices start at $19 per bottle) are designed to be permanent and waterproof. Twinkle inks ($29 per bottle) are shimmer inks.

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31/5/2020 · What a title! Today we'll be reviewing Birmingham Boiler Steam, a weathered blue-black. Swabs: This ink had high shading, and no sheen. This is a lighter blue-black than the ones I've reviewed. It won't be mistaken for a standard black ink.

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Ink Brand Overview: The New Birmingham Pen Company Inks - …

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NPD!! Now I get what the hype is all about! LAMY 2000 [F] inked with Birmingham Boiler Steam : fountain…

20/2/2016 · The use of machinery increased production and cut costs and his thriving company Newhall Pen Works moved to Moland Street, Birmingham, in 1908. Other companies followed and by the 1850s

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The colors are really unique and pleasant, and the ink has a great wet, well-behaved flow. The stand out color so far is "Pennsylvania Railroad Boiler Steam" a very dark blue-black. The Enterprise Tower Aluminum is also pretty cool; coming out, with certain nibs as an aluminum color rather than just a …

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